I've drawn all my life, and have been illustrating stuff for loads of people for just ages: well, 35 years as it stands at the moment: the portfolio section here will give you a clear idea of my style, approach and passions and some of my favourite work for my favourite clients.

Here's what some people have said about my work:

'Fantastic, you are a genius' Patrick Mills (Director, Professional Development, IPA)
'Ha ha. Very funny' Graham Fink (Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Mather China)
'We can't all be Picasso' Jonathan Lynn (Yes, Minister)
'Grotesque' Sir Patrick Moore (deceased astronomer)

From 2014 to date, I've been producing 4 high-use promotional images per year for Dessin Untitled, a clothing range in Japan, and I recently worked with Shipton Mill on a range of flour bags (having first illustrated their launch range more than 25 years ago) - evidence that not only do I get it right for clients, but I get it right again and again.

I can't stop drawing, and currently have about 130 sketchbooks or so dating back to the 1970s.