Sketchbooks, sketchbooks, I've got loads of them, dating back to the 1970s, about 130 or so at the last count.

I'm not going to bore you with a lengthy client list - a quick Google search will tell you that my work has been as diverse as 'Understanding your bowels' and the poster for Wimbledon 2000.  What it won't tell you, though, is that, as part of a rich & varied professional career, I've had afternoon tea with Ian Dury at The Waldorf Astoria, and been sent to Patrick Moore's house to draw his portrait from life, only to be told by him that my drawing was 'a grotesque caricature'.  I had been warned by the publishers it might not go well...  He did let me play his piano though, which was nice.

The fact the both of the above are now dead might also suggest that I'm an 'older' illustrator.  

But it's also a fact that my 36 years of experience of the industry means that I'm a much better illustrator now than I ever was then.