Sketchbooks: I've got loads of them, about 140 or so at the last count.

Clients: I've got loads of them too - as diverse as cabin art for P & O Cruises and 'Understanding your Bowels' (though I'd forgotten THAT till Google reminded me)

Work: characterised by freshness, vitality and spontaneity. 

Now, I'm not going to bore you with a long client list that you won't read, so have a rummage in my plan chest instead because it's just more fun.

Go on, you might as well read more now you're here - SO, since leaving college back in 1981, I've worked for the usual wide range of clients, like regular slots in GQ & Esquire for instance, done posters for both London Transport & Wimbledon, got paid woefully little sometimes, got paid disproportionally highly other times.  The work under the portfolio heading will show what I've done, who I've done it for, and who I'm continuing to do it for. 

Working directly from life, either in line or full colour - and very quickly - has always been my greatest strength; see Ad Agency Portraits and Mad Men particularly.

During the heady days of illustration I had the great fortune to get a free cruise as part of the deal to provide artworks for Swan Hellenic, had to go to Canada at 2 days' notice to work in-house on illustrations for melba toast packaging (involving a day in the passport office as my passport had run out), would frequently pop over to Paris for a brief, was appointed 'illustrator in residence' for the European Illustration Collection, and was filmed for a BBC series 'Wild About Art' (unfortunately never made it off the cutting-room floor - but I had a great time in Exmoor painting ponies to the classic deadline 'reveal' of the final work over 3 days).

These days, it's all a bit different, but I'd never have survived if I couldn't fulfil a brief which demands that I provide an image in a specific style containing all the elements, colour balance & mood that a client in advertising needs to promote their product or service successfully to their target audience.  And I'm better at it now that I ever was.  Now, in 2022, I'm continuing to work with clothing brand 'Dessin' in Japan on seasonal-based imagery to promote 4 collections per year - see Brand Identity: Japan - a relationship that has lasted since 2014, so I must be doing something right.  See What my clients say for more.

What drives me is to do everything just that bit better each time. 

And share the love of what I do.