In 2007, after spending years working out how to satisfactorily assemble my drawings and words, I produced a diary of 3 weeks in Ukraine 'The honoured guest', spiral-bound like a sketchbook.  I sold most of the 200 copies made.

I grew up in a family that felt a bit different: I had an unusual name because our Dad was foreign, and he spoke broken English because he was from Ukraine, and he'd been shot by Red Army soldiers and lost his leg. 

Forced to leave his country in 1944 as a refugee, he'd settled in the UK in 1947.  Fearing reprisal on surviving family if he tried to contact Ukraine, he began a new life, resisting any effort by Mum to trace survivors.

Following Dad's death in 1997, the Red Cross were able to trace surviving members of his family.

The book describes the context in more detail, and the drawings and words here are an edited selection of the time I spent in Ukraine, staying with my cousins, daughters of his eldest brother, and their families.