London-based agency krow has developed a creative new initiative to celebrate the contribution of its staff - the agency appointed me in late 2017 as its 'portrait-painter-in-residence'.  Each of their 54-strong team sat for me for just 45 minutes to allow me to paint each individual portrait - 20cm x 14cm acrylic - and the paintings were completed over a relentless 3 week period at a rate of up to 5 per day. 

Malcolm White, chief strategy officer and founder of krow, said: "Bylo's genius is in working quickly to seize a recognizable impression of an individual.  We commissioned him to celebrate the role our people play in the success of the agency, and to make our office walls far more personal."

The framed portraits are now displayed in krow's reception area.

And finally, these images were taken on a mobile phone, which accounts for the low quality - it wasn't possible to scan them before they went for framing.