Since 2014, I've been commissioned 4 times per year via my Far East Agent, Cross World Connections, to produce seasonal identity imagery for Dessin, a clothing brand of The World Corporation in Japan.  

The client is more demanding than any I've known, and roughs sometimes go through 6 stages - in this case a mere 4 - with amendments to colour to match pantone reference, slight adjustment of horizon level, increase in brightness in certain areas and many miniscule adjustments to the overall image till they're happy. 

And sometimes when they see what they've asked for, I'm asked to revert to the previous version after all - all with the most courteous of apologies however - and yet still it has to look as fresh as if it were just dashed off the brush spontaneously. 

Working for this client in particular has made me a better illustrator now than ever I've been in all my career. 

Here are the 4 stages of the rough before going to artwork - each variation as a result of specific requests by the client.