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Point of Sale for Japanese clothing brand Dessin


Isaku Omine, President of Innovation Link Co Ltd said: "I met Andrew Bylo in 2013 when 'Dessin' first launched.

When I first saw his work, I thought his usage of color and gestural drawing style was a great fit for Dessin's aesthetic. Dessin's concept was specifically based on the Hamptons lifestyle, but as the seasons changed we asked Andrew to illustrate the Dessin Family based on the location of their travels and the season's themes.

We then put up his work as Point of Sale in our windows and on the covers of our brochures. Andrew quickly became an irreplaceable element of what makes Dessin special.

So far, he has created work based on the beaches and wineries of the Hamptons, Banff, Cuba, Ireland, Maui, Copenhagen, and Mallorca, among other locations.

We are currently in the midst of discussing the themes of next season, and Andrew has been a key member in diving deep into what Dessin is and can be, most efficiently to the tightest of deadlines. Andrew's work is Dessin's great fortune."

Exhibition: '25 views of The Sea' sales
Exhibition: 25 views of The Sea


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Sunday, 26 June 2022